We at Carioca Languages aim to allow the student to emit opinions and develop subjects in Portuguese in a way of feeling comfortable and confident in the face of any linguistic situation. For this reason our classes are dynamic, divided between grammar, conversation, debates and cultural immersion. This way our students can develop both their written and oral abilities.

Our teachers aim to bring daily life in Brazil into the classroom, discussing about cultural subjects and indicating the best activities and places in the city and around the country.

We work with authorial material developed according to the necessities of our students. The material contains essential and formal Portuguese grammar as well as colloquial grammar with expressions and slangs. In case the student desires we also work with books found on the marked such as “Avenida Brasil”, “Muito Prazer”, “Falar, Ler e Escrever”, etc.


Our methodology varies according to the native language of the student, therefore there are differences in teaching approach for students that speak Spanish or Italian or that were alphabetized in an alphabet that is not the Latin one.