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Who we are

Carioca Languages is the ideal Portuguese for foreigners course for you. Since 2011 we have been working with the tutoring of the Portuguese language in a fast, effective and dynamic way.

Our teachers are highly capacitated, all graduated in Languages - Portuguese, in addition to being experient, dynamic, young and updated to the cultural activities in Rio. This way, the classes are not only about teaching how to speak the idiom, but also insering the student in the cultural day-to-day life of the 'Wonderful City', covering the essencial grammar, focusing in conversation and daily activities, and mostly, making sure that the student lives the Portuguese language.

The coordination and educational methodology of the course is made by Professor Viviane Moraes, PhD, who acts in the area of Portuguese for foreigners since 2003 and has experience with consulates and multinational companys from all nationalities.

Our classes are private or online (via Skype), we have our own material and provide all levels of Portuguese: basic, intermediate, advanced, with all objectives: conversation, grammar, writing, Portuguese for business and in preparation for job interviews, as well as providing services of translation to Portuguese.

We are specialists in training for the Celpe-Bras exam, with 100% of approvals. We use original materials and an advanced method that allows the student to have success in the exam.

Our methodology embraces all different levels of cognition, approaching the linguistic competences of speech, comprehension, as well as being developed according to the profile and objectives of each student, guaranteeing exclusivity of learning. We, therefore, produce our material according to the levels and goals of our students, utilizing videos, texts, music, images, audio and other resources that enhance the learning experience.

We create cultural immersion in our classes because the learning of a language is attached to the understanding of the manners of interaction of the people who utilize it as well as their cultural habits. Therefore, it is fundamental to know the Brazilian culture in its ramifications and to surpass the stereotypical barriers that commonly associate Brazil only to soccer/football and Samba.

With us our students learn how to understand Brazil through the Portuguese language!

Come learn with us! We provide our services in your residence or your enterprise.

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